Highland Island Ranch

Roy Lee Williams
(360) 503-3293
Holly Williams
(509) 990-0442

We are a small farm specializing in raising and training llamas for multiple different jobs. We have llamas that we use for therapy work with disabled kids and nursing homes, llamas that are used for backwoods packing, and others that are used for pulling carts along with other activities. We are also very involved in showing at different events in the northwest region and have received multiple grand champion awards for our llamas. It isn’t unusual for us to have a few of our animals out training at different locations in Whatcom county on the weekends. If you see us, feel free to come over and ask questions! (And No, they won’t spit on you!)
Currently, we do not loan or lease our animals out to others, but if you have an idea or just general questions, feel free to get a hold of us!