While the “rainy Northwest” definitely gets its fair share of cloudy weather, you might be pleasantly surprised by the crisp springs, gorgeous summers and enchanting falls we enjoy here in the Foothills. Unlike regions farther east, weather here is moderated year-round by breezes from the Pacific Ocean…so it rarely gets too hot or too cold. Most of the time, we think it’s just right!

Average weather conditions

Annual Maximum Avg. Temperature 60.0 °F
Annual Minimum Avg. Temperature 46.0 °F
Mean Number of Days Clear (Out of 365 Days) 71
Mean Number of Days Rain (Out of 365 Days) 150
Mean Number of Days Snow (Out of 365 Days) 2
Avg. Annual Precipitation (Total Inches) 38.00″
Avg. Annual Snowfall (Total Inches) 7.00”